Thursday, November 17, 2016

Temperament: Reaction Time

Temperaments and How Each Reacts
By Cara Ruegg

I have decided to write an article on the four temperaments accompanied by funny comic strips to help it stick with the visual learners out there and make it more amusing. 

Temperament, according to Rev. Hock, “is a fundamental disposition of the soul, which manifests itself whenever an impression is made upon the mind, be that impression caused by thought - by thinking about something or by representation through the imagination - or by external stimuli.” Basically, it’s a type of personality categorized in four sections: Sanguine, melancholic, choleric, and phlegmatic. Most people don’t just have one temperament, but a mix of two or more. Also, it can be difficult to figure out people’s temperaments because a lot can influence how we present ourselves, especially our upbringing. For instance, a sanguine raised in a stricter environment or put in a workplace where its buoyant temperament needs to be suppressed, will quite possibly not appear sanguine to the outsider even if, by nature, that is its tendency. Really, what it comes down to, is not how we react exteriorly since that can be trained or influenced by circumstances that can get even the sanguine depressed, but what our inclinations are. 

Reaction Time: 

Sanguine: Instantaneous reaction but shortly lived

If the sanguine drops their ice-cream cone on the sidewalk, they react immediately and are by nature very expressive; they might fling their arms wildly; they might cry. Then, about five seconds later, they’ll probably start to laugh about the incident or at the very least forget about it. 

Choleric: Instantaneous and lasting

If the choleric drops their ice-cream cone, well they also will express their emotions, maybe or maybe not so dramatically as the sanguine, but, unlike the sanguine their moodiness (probably mostly anger) will remain for a much longer time. Good luck having a conversation with your choleric buddy after that incident!

Melancholic: Slow reaction but deep impression

The melancholic, unlike the first two, is slow to react. They aren’t by any means dim-witted; they obviously are able to make the connection that their beloved ice-cream cone has fallen on the sidewalk and is no longer edible, but it doesn’t really seem to hit the core of their heart right away. The melancholic, unlike the other two, probably won’t react instantaneously. They might say something like, “Oh, that’s annoying.” But it won’t be until you’ve passed a couple houses, that the melancholic will begin to feel the deep, gnawing emotion bubbling inside of him. And the melancholic will very probably keep it there, bubbling up and this terrible, gnawing anguish will most likely last a long time for him.

Phlegmatic: Slow and only slightly impressed

The phlegmatic is like the melancholic in so far as he reacts slowly. But, unlike the melancholic, such an incident won’t strike his core all too terribly. In fact, while there might be some annoyance felt, the impression made on the phlegmatic is generally much shallower than on the other three and usually passes quickly. 

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