Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Temperaments: Decision-Making

Temperaments and How Each Responds to Initiating/Accepting Change
By Cara Ruegg

Sanguine: Quick and excited

Sanguines don’t shy away from change; they like variety and adventures. When it comes to making a life-altering decision, the sanguine is quick to choose its route pretty much hesitation-free. Take marriage as an example. If a sanguine believes they love somebody, they won’t reflect endlessly on all of the problems that will clearly arise if they marry this person, especially if those problems seem really petty. They will just jump and they will probably become very impatient if they can’t get married in an incredibly short period of time since that’s what they want and they want it now.

Of course, maybe not so much with marriage, but possibly with a career change, the sanguine, who probably made the decision with excitement that had it literally running around the room, will, in a short amount of time, find itself bored and, again, wanting a new change. You know somebody is sanguine when they can’t seem to stay in one place for long. 

Melancholic: Slow and generally unchanging

The melancholic is the complete opposite of the sanguine. He is slow and isn’t wont to change. A melancholic, if he can help it, isn’t one to move very often or shift jobs even if a job opportunity opens up that is better, because the melancholic feels safe and secure in the environment that he’s used to. Take marriage as an example; the melancholic will take ages to decide if he wants to marry somebody even if he’s direly in love with them. He’ll spend night and day worrying about if she’s the one, if he loves her enough, if they’re going too fast, analyzing and overanalyzing and then, quite possibly, jumping back altogether because the change is too much. A melancholic really has to push himself to make any type of change, especially with big changes that can’t be altered once undergone. 

However, all this being said, once the melancholic actually chooses the path to pursue, he rarely changes his mind and, granted he does marry, his bride will likely not have to fear him leaving because of boredom since melancholics tend to be quite loyal. 

A relationship note: 

Sanguines and melancholics are great matches since they tend to balance each other out very well, but, their vast differences especially in regard to their views on change will bound to get on the other’s nerves. The sanguine will terrify the poor melancholic to pieces with its wanting to move at cheetah-speed, and the melancholic will test the sanguine’s patience with it’s incredibly snail-slow pace. 

Choleric: Logical and Determined 

The choleric will logically think things through before making any decision. Where the sanguine might be more prone to base things on feelings, the choleric will list the pros and cons of its choice and then choose, and once the choleric chooses, he rarely changes his mind. Things are generally very black-and-white for the choleric. If he likes a girl, he knows it pretty much right away. He weighs her good qualities and her bad ones, and then chooses whether or not to pursue her and sticks to his choice. 

Phlegmatic: Slow and generally unchanging

Like the melancholic, the phlegmatic is slow to make a choice and is also hesitant to pursue change. However, its lack of pursuit is not for the same reasons as the melancholic’s. Where the melancholic is more nervous about making the wrong choice, the phlegmatic is simply content relaxing and sticking to what is familiar to him. If the phlegmatic is dating, for instance, a sanguine or choleric, both of which can be a bit pushy, and that person just so happens to be pushing for marriage even if indirectly, the phlegmatic is much more apt to follow through. Not to say the phlegmatic would marry that person only because they don’t want conflict; the phlegmatic has feelings and wants, too, and a great love can certainly push any temperament to act outside of themselves.

Relationship note:

Phlegmatics are generally well-paired with the more passionate temperaments, especially a choleric or sanguine who will likely give them the motivation they might naturally lack.

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