Thursday, December 22, 2016

Women, Do not Settle for Less than Your Knight: A Letter

Dear Women,

You deserve to be sought and pursued and treasured. You deserve a man who sees how blessed he is to have you and who reminds himself every day, especially on the hard days, why you are so special, why you deserve so much of his love, how you are beautiful and talented, how you get him to smile, how he can confide in you better than even some of his best blokes.

You deserve to be loved and made to feel like you are loved. You deserve to be loved even on days when you’re broken, not just on the days that you make him happy or the days you’re in a good mood. You deserve a man who will sacrifice everything to make sure you are okay, who will never leave you alone, who will check up on you later in the day multiple times if he by chance has to work and cannot be by your side.

Women, do not settle for less than your dreams. Do not settle for men who do not recognize your worth or will not act. You deserve to be pursued by a knight; you do not need to settle for a man who doesn’t want to fight for you, who’d rather it be easy. You want a man who will work for you and run through fire for you and not count the scars.

You deserve a man who respects you, who will treat you like a queen, who will protect you not only from his own sinful inclinations, but even from those around you. A real man will not let even his friends get away with belittling you or making you feel at all uncomfortable. The man you want will shield you from danger, will take you out of tempting situations, will suggest you stop watching a movie or show which he perceives harmful to your virtue.

A real man will pray with and for you. He will prove to be that sturdy pillar of Faith, which is an essential foundation to a good Catholic home. He will help you be a better woman, by gently (keyword: gently), pointing out things you need to work on in such a manner you will not feel discouraged and in such a manner you will, rather, feel encouraged to strive for even higher.

Together, in the fire of God’s love, you two are meant to be shaped into the image of Christ.   

Your friend, Cara

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