Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blame it on the genes...

So, for the past few weeks I've been home for the holidays (note: the increase in blogposts b/c I have wifi again!) and I'm reminded of why I'm naturally so weird.

Story #1:

So we go to grocery store. My dad pokes donuts to see if they're soft, then he takes one out and bites it! Literally, eats half of it right there and I'm like, "Dad, what are you doing!" and he's like "I had to check if it was soft!"

Then we're checking out our groceries and the person stops to try and figure out how many donuts we have, and he's like "What happened to this one?" *points at half-chewed donut* and my dad goes: "I had to test if it was stale or not."
Clerk: "And if it wasn't?"
Dad: "Then it would've been left with the others." 

Story # 2:

So, conversation with my mom today/yesterday.
Me: *talks about friend and his job or something.*
Mom: Oh, so that's what CG stands for!
Me thinking: What? - And then it clicks. - "You stalked his facebook didn't you?"
Mom: Isn't that what facebook's for? To stalk people?