Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dressing Modestly

Modesty is important to me. It is not that I'm ashamed in any way of my figure; in fact, it is the complete opposite that incites me to properly clothe it. It is not just for any man to lust after. It is meant for that special man who is meant to be my husband. It is a gift from God, and I am not going to toss pearls to swine.

Now, that being said, I do not want to dress in a sack of potatoes or anything. I want to dress like any girl wants to dress. I want to look pretty, while at the same time being modest. It is so hard when you go to the store and basically everything is in some way immodest or when models give us women the impression that pretty is sleeveless tops and mini skirts. 

Modesty is kindness. You hear people say that it doesn't matter how you dress, but really it does. It is charity to dress modestly. As a woman, you are elevating that young man's heart and his eyes. He is drawn more to your face, to you as a person when you dress in a way that demands respect. He isn't as distracted by your figure. Not that you can hide your figure completely and not to say that somebody who really wants to sin won't, but at least you make it easier for those men who are actually striving to be gentlemen. 

How you dress reflects the interior. If you dress in a way that is sleazy or even messy, you give the impression that you have little worth or are lazy. Neither may be true, but it doesn't stop people from even indirectly judging you as such, and thus attracts the wrong relationships. 

A woman plays a vital role in society. Her ability to influence even the hardest of hearts is remarkable. A good woman ought to uplift and inspire. Dressing modestly is just one little way she can do this.

Below are some pictures of me wearing eshakti designed clothes. Eshakti allows me to customize my outfits so as better to be able to convey my self-worth, while still allowing me to be fashionable. I highly recommend them.

Another modest clothing store I like, though it can be slightly expensive, is Dainty Jewells. They feature some really classy dresses. I bought swimwear from them this summer. The dress fell a lot further down on short me than it did the model, and I was worried it would be problematic swimming that way, but so far I've yet to drown. There's netting underneath which I think prevents the dress from sticking so much and possibly makes it safer to wear. I've swum with it in the pool and ocean and I'm still alive. You can find the dress here:


  1. Beautiful dresses! I love everything you have to say about dressing nicely. I'm anxiously awaiting my first eShakti dress and going it is as wonderful as yours!

    1. Thank you! I'm sure you'll look great! :) I love awaiting new clothes! Getting packages in the mail are always fun even when they're from yourself lol :P