Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thunderstorm MD June 29, 2012

Terrible picture of the lightening

Flash makes everything look normal. You can't even tell a massive thunderstorm is going on.

Dad: It's a good thing we didn't decide to watch the storm after all.
Me: Yeah. Looks like if we did one of our heads would be chopped off and the other person would've been flipped over and smashed.
Dad: You know your mom is going to want to keep those chairs.
Me: Yeah. She'll insist we bend them back into shape.
Dad: And it'll never happen.
Me: So, hello new bent chairs that will stay in our lawn forever!

Dad: I should probably fix this before someone gets electrocuted.
*Both of us look over at the neighbor's yard and we notice that even their clothes are perfectly intact on the clothesline.*
Dad: Why is it that not even a piece of grass is missing from their yard, but with us it looks like a hurricane went through? 

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