Monday, November 14, 2016

Abortion Risks

Abortion Risks
By Cara Ruegg

The way to empower women is not to give them the choice to harm themselves. The reason many women get abortions is because they do not think they are strong enough or do not think there are other options. We should be putting our money to help those single mothers out there be able to keep their babies or see them go to loving homes. If you put aside the morality of it, you still have big red flags regarding how harmful abortion is to a woman's health mentally and physically, flags most women aren't told of until it is too late. Plus, this "fetus" is a human no matter the stage it is at, and it is not the woman's body, it is her baby's body and she has no right over another's body just because it is inside of her own. This child could have a wonderful future and nobody but God should have a say about if it should live or die. There are many children that have survived poverty and have made names for themselves. There is never an obstacle too great it cannot and should not be overcome.

For instance, regarding health, cervical, liver, and ovarian cancer becomes more likely after an abortion and it increases the risk of placenta previa which can be life threatening, PID, depression, etc. (Elliot Institute, ) According to Margaret Cuthill, “Post abortion Syndrome has been classified as a type of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder…” (2003, Lee, p. 25) Sometimes, according to Michael Jarmulowicz, the feelings directly related to the abortion are suppressed, but the subconscious must have a “mechanism of release and other apparently unrelated symptoms [then] emerge.” (2003, Lee, p. 25)

It would be better for the woman to go through and carry full term, something which is natural for her body, than to force a death which will also likely complicate her health for life, something she may not be told will happen. There are many families that cannot have children, which would happily take that child. There is always a second option. No woman should feel she has to abort in order to “save her life”.


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