Monday, November 7, 2016

How Today's Society Cripples Women

“In as much as woman is loved, it follows that the nobler a woman is, the nobler man will have to be to be deserving of that love. That is why the level of any civilization is always its level of its womanhood.” – Fulton Sheen

The world has its feminist agenda and yet it does nothing to actually protects its women, instead it crushes her, making her out to be more an object than a human being; it hangs her on billboards around the streets, dressed provocatively, dressed as an object of pleasure and not as a woman with any dignity. It exploits her, it sells her. It claims she can be a lawyer, a doctor, claims she has the same intelligence and opportunities, and yet it cripples her; it says yes, you can be a lawyer, but you are still an object.

Women are not the same as men. Women are different and man’s role is not to compete with the woman like any man in the workforce, but to protect her. Society is so hung up on this notion that women are equal to men, when the whole reason for the two sexes is so that one can make up for the deficiencies of the other, so they can balance each other, build each other up. Men are supposed to protect women and women are supposed to be that gentle, nurturing support a man so desperately needs, a support he will not be able to get the same way from one of his male buddies.

We are not equal like the world claims we are. They have the wrong notion of equality. Everybody is different, unique. If a teacher were to teach each student the exact same way, you would have a classroom where some excel and some do not, because each individual responds differently, has different limitations and talents. Society will not be successful if it treats its citizens generically and society will not produce quality citizens if it crushes one of the first leaders of society – the mother, who gives birth and nurtures the next generation.


  1. This is so great! May I possibly share it on my blog sometime?

    1. Yes, feel free! No permission needed there :) Glad you liked it.