Friday, June 1, 2012

Children are necessary to be happy in life

So, I've come to the conclusion, that if you don't have children in your life you are either A.) Really stingy. B) Really lonely, or C) Lack a complete sense of humor, or probably all of the above, because, seriously, who can resist little kids? They are so cute and so funny! Working with 33 little 6/7year olds this year really made my life, and no joke, it was the best year I've ever had. There was stress and there was a complete lack of energy some days, but those little munchkins really knew how to make my day.

Quotes and special moments from the kids in my life:

Little Boy: Miss [inserts my last name] what were you typing on your computer at the library?
Me: I write books.
Little Boy: Really?! So did you write all the books at the library?

Little boy: Miss ... have you decided if you're going to be a sister yet?
Me: Yes, i'm waiting on them to accept me.
Another little boy looks over at us.
Little boy number one then goes: Miss ...'s going to be a sister. You know sisters can be teachers too. She's already a teacher!

The day before my birthday was hilarious. I kept getting little reminders.
"Guess what Miss ...!!"
"It's your birthday tomorrow!"
Me: *thinking: Oh really? I didn't know.*
And then another boy: "Don't forget it's your birthday tomorrow!"

On my birthday, the boys threw a surprise party for me with balloons and cake. It was so cute. I walked in after my lunch break and they all shouted happy birthday Miss ...! And they colored on my banner and made me tiger drawings since I told them yesterday the tiger was my favorite animal. And one boy gave me a pencil and eraser, saying he didn't have any money so that's all he could give me.

So, of course, my boys gave me little presents on Valentine's day. My favorite, though,would have to be the boy who touches my shoulder and whispers "for you, Miss ..." and gives me this half chewed, already used whale eraser. And then after, he kept looking back at me with this big smile on his face. It was really sweet.

Me: Boys, who can think of a miracle they want to tell me?
*Little boy raises his hand and tells me when jesus multiplied the loaves.
Other littlo boy: Miss ... I know a miracle! When i turn into an army man and shoot the robber.
Me: O.o

School was over and I was headed to the dorm to relax, when I hear this: "Wait Miss ...!!"
I turn around. "What?"
Little boy runs toward me and wraps his arms around me. Then he let go and walked down to the pickup circle.

*With my sister and nephew*
Sister: Who's your favorite? Mommy or Daddy?
My nephew looks at us for a while and then goes, "Cara!"

(four-year-old) Nephew: I missed you. Where were you?
Me: I was in Kansas.
Nephew: Oh. I was at work.

"God I'm thirsty. Get me a drink."
I walk over to get my nephew a drink.
"Does God not have any hands?"

My nephew: "My angel's name is Boxy Thingy."
"I think tomorrow Boxy Thingy won't be invisible anymore."
"Hey Boxy Thingy can you go to the store for me?"
*In the bathroom* "Boxy Thingy is in here to protect me from the devil."

This is my little nephew, Jacob, who is now four-years old, going to be five in January.
This was me holding him when he was just days old. It's crazy to think how fast time flies!

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